Follow this page to keep up with the progress of the West End Project- work started on Monday 14th June!

Take a look at how the last major reordering of the inside of the church was recorded back in 1864/65 … DOWNLOAD

The pews have been moved and the old wooden floors taken up. The project team have been busy checking out the specifications of the new kitchen appliances including a large range cooker and dishwasher!

Pews removed to reveal wooden floor

Wooden floor removed to reveal earth which has not seen the light since 1864!

UPDATE 6 SEPT 2021 :
The whole floor area has been prepared and initial layers of limecrete put down and allowed to cure. This has taken longer that expected due to material supply delays being experienced across the building industry.
The stone has arrived and today the team started to lay the complex jigsaw puzzle that forms the new floor.

New stone being laid

New stone ready to go …

UPDATE 16 OCT 2021 :
The new stone floor has been laid and remedial action applied to the existing stone floor from the original aisles. Vinyl for the kitchen area and carpet for the children’s area have been chosen and are now on order.
Work has started on fabricating the kitchen area prior to fitting the bespoke stainless steel worktops.